Speaker 2021

Keynote Speaker I


Mo-Yuen Chow earned his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (B.S., 1982); and Cornell University (M. Eng., 1983; Ph.D., 1987). Dr. Chow is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University. Dr. Chow was a Changjiang Scholar at Zhejiang University.

Dr. Chow’s recent research focuses on distributed control and management, smart micro-grids, batteries, and mechatronics systems. Dr. Chow has established the Advanced Diagnosis, Automation, and Control Laboratory. He is an IEEE Fellow, the Co-Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Trans. on Industrial Informatics 2014-2018, Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 2010-2012. He has received the IEEE Region-3 Joseph M. Biedenbach Outstanding Engineering Educator Award, the IEEE ENCS Outstanding Engineering Educator Award, the IEEE ENCS Service Award, the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Anthony J Hornfeck Service Award, and the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Dr.-Ing. Eugene Mittelmann Achievement Award. He is a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.

Talk Title: Resilient Collaborative Distributed Energy Management System: Application in Cyberphysical Networked Microgrid

Talk Abstract: The cyberphysical networked microgrids are widely envisioned to be the building block for the future smart grid, for its autonomy, distributed energy resources hosting capability, enhancements in reliability and resilience, etc. This presentation dissects the networked microgrid control hierarchies, i.e. primary, secondary, and tertiary, and provides a close-up look at the distributed tertiary control layer. This presentation will also highlight two of the fundamental technologies: Collaborative Distributed Energy Management System (CoDEMS) and Cybersecurity framework of the CoDEMS that are currently developed at the Advanced Diagnosis, Automation, and Control (ADAC) lab.

Keynote Speaker II


Carlo Alberto Nucci graduated with honors in electrical engineering from the University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy, in 1982. He is a Full Professor and Head of the Power Systems Laboratory of the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering “Guglielmo Marconi”, University of Bologna. He is an author or coauthor of over 370 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals or in proceedings of international conferences. Prof. Nucci is a Fellow of the IEEE and of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE), of which he is also an Honorary member, and has received some best paper/technical international awards, including the CIGRE Technical Committee Award and the ICLP Golde Award. From January 2006 to September 2012, he served as Chairman of the CIGRE Study Committee C4 System Technical Performance. He has served as IEEE PES Region 8 Rep in 2009 and 2010. Since January 2010, he serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Electric Power Systems Research journal (Elsevier). He has served as the President of the Italian Group of the University Professors of Electrical Power Systems (GUSEE) from 2012 to 2015. He is presently serving as Italian Representative in the Horizon Europe Mission Board Sub-group “Climate-neutral and Smart cities”, and as a member of the Technical Scientific Committee of the Regional Energy Plan of Emilia Romagna Region, Italy. Prof. Nucci is Doctor Honoris Causa of the University Politehnica of Bucharest and a member of the Academy of Science of the Institute of Bologna. He is also serving as vice-chair of the International Conference on Lightning Protection, ICLP.